Cats Take to the Road

A short time ago I received a card from a mail art friend featuring a drawing she had done in the style of etegami. I did not know anything about etegami so I looked it up. It seems it’s not a hard and fast tradition, such as haiku with its prescribed number of syllables, but the form has a general set of guidelines to follow. It’s the process of creating a picture of an ordinary, everyday subject, drawn or painted quickly and freely, accompanied by a written message – any kind of message, poem, quote, etc. Usually it is done in the postcard size, and it’s meant to be sent, not sold. It’s something like an artist trading card in that it carries good wishes and greetings in a visual form to someone else, freely given.

So I made these cat-subject etegami-inspired pieces. They are larger than the postcard size – I did them on ad cards, typically 8″ x 5″ or about that. I glued pages from the dictionary on to the cards to give me a fairly plain surface, and then I used acrylic paints, watered down, for the drawings. The dictionary paper takes this watery paint very well and allows for quick and light strokes.

I chose cats as my subject because we have three of them at my house and they are certainly an everyday sight for me!

Once I finished these cards, I sent them all to my son, all on the same day, from different mailboxes. No reason, just thought they might all like to go out into the world together since that’s how they started off.

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