Quest in a Book

Here is another artist book I finished not too long ago. It’s a discarded children’s book from the library – I glue pages together to give them some weight and then paint and collage them. Finally, I write text to fit the art on the pages.

The pictures appear next, and then below it I have written out the text of the book.

I love this kind of project. I can use my art and writing in one place. I just really like doing that.

Carefree Lighthearted Travel Outing

Well, I never knew I had somewhere to go
but my feet stepped out and I took to the road

Passed through a town full of pointy-roofed homes
craned my neck looking up from the street

Highway called me, wide open sky
long quiet miles, sunburned and wild

Tree-shaded side road, a good resting spot
for two old friends who don’t need to talk

Shadowed by the hills, blue in the dusk
side road marked by a single white tree

Who goes here, and who wants to go?
The avenue bends, and I take its hint

Rolling fields and vivid sky, a shy wave comes my way
I pass down the lane and move beyond the valley

Hot bright hills and a tattered paper sky
faint dirt track leads me to the landscape’s edge

Tree-lined boulevard splits a purple night,
guides my feet with the help of the moon

I wave good-bye to those who continue
My feet are tired and I’ve come off the road.

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