Small Book, Pages and Poem Form

Here is a small book. I have written out the text below. It is a different experience to read it as you turn the pages of the book as opposed to being in the form of a poem. You move through it differently and of course, in one case you are also presented with something visual to go along with it.

So I thought I’d do my best to give a chance for the reader to have both experiences.


If anything happens they can
They seem to think the
the unknown
had made matters worse.
But certainly people like this could not
Be sure of
would worry
not sure of anything, except that
the possibility that
In a case like this,
the most
ordinary experience.
normal occurrences.
were beyond imagination,
all as mad and as simple as
an apparition
but the honest and sensible
they hadn’t seemed to notice
didn’t see
wouldn’t be interested
would attain a good old age
did look relieved.

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