Small Thoughts

I have been changing the style of my mixed media work in the past few months.  Or, to clarify, I’ve been changing the surface I work on and the sizes of my pieces. In the past, I used canvas and various papers/matboards for the supports. If on paper, the works were framed under glass.  As to size, they ranged from about 7″ x 9″ to as big as 24″ x 30″.

I had the idea that I’d like to work smaller and in a more simple way as far as the support. No reason – but I have always liked making smaller works and more and more I just try to do what I want these days. So, I looked around, gave things some thought, and came upon the idea of 3/8″ masonite boards that come pre-primed. And that was just perfect for me.

Since then, I’ve been doing 4″ x 4″, 6″ x 6″, and 12″ x 12″. As soon as I finish the artwork, I paint the edges of the board, sign my name somewhere on the piece, maybe even just on the back if it’s small – and that’s it. I usually start several pieces at first and then as they diverge, I finish one by one.

Here’s part of a recent group I did of 6″ x 6″. More of them later on.